Itineraries “PARCO BIKE” project

Many cycling routes starts from the railway stations of Ghiare Berceto, Rometta, Piazza al Serchio and Castelnuovo Garfagnana.

All cycling routes are loop, then starting and finishing at the same point, and lead the visitor to discover the natural and cultural attractions of the area of interest by promoting also the knowledge of local food products.

Where possible, your cycling is complemented by easy walks, a nice break from the pedals and an opportunity to discover the most beautiful corners of the National Park.

Due to the mountainous nature of the National Park, we propose a wide number of cycling routes that want to be as complete as possible, given to different categories of users. The use of pedalec in fact does not preclude some effort and attitude to cycling. Multi-day tours for the most trained or day tour suitable for beginners and families… the only thing you have to do is enjoy cycling!

Visitor centers placed within the National Park of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines were considered of paramount importance as containers of useful information for the visitor and because they are able to offer qualified accommodation. Lagdei, Succiso, Apella and Ponteccio are visitor centers and ParcoBike friendly. Many cycling routes starts from there.

The towns of Berceto, Corniglio and Castelnovo nè Monti are privileged points of access to the National Park and therefore included in the network of cycling routes. Other itineraries starts from the villages of Licciana Nardi and Filetto in Lunigiana (Northern Tuscany), or from the mountain hut of Miramonti, within the Orecchiella State Reserve in Garfagnana (Northen Tuscany).

The villages of Monchio delle Courti, Cervarezza and Ligonchio (Southern Emilia-Romagna) offers a wide offer of itineraries too.

A cycle tour divided into six stages and a total length of 277km allows you to link Parma to Lucca through the National Park of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines. A journey that combine two wonderful cities valuing one of the most untouched stretches of the Italian countryside, in a territory container of environmental, cultural and gastronomic excellence.