The project

The project called Parco Bike was created with the objective of promoting sustainable tourism in the National Park of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines through the use of electrically assisted bicycles.

The National Park boasts an ideal territory for the practice of cycling, with a large number of minor roads with little or no frequented by motorized traffic, making them ideal to be traveled by bicycle.

The project wants to attract in the National Park a quality tourism, careful to environmental and cultural assets. The intent is to create a system for the sustainable use of the protected area, primarily by changing the traditional mode of access to the territory of the national park: from this point of view the railway stations placed along the route Parma-La Spezia and Aulla-Lucca play a key role in.

The use of train + bike turn out to be successful to reduce the amount of motorized traffic, allowing a cheaper, less stressful and healthier way of travel.

Many of the identified routes depart from the train stations, where after a welcome by our representative you’ll start to enjoy our Pedalec – equipped with a GPS device and cycling bags -; Other routes starts from agriturismo, hotels and mountain huts placed within the National Park.

You will have a free shuttle service from the nearest trainstation to the place you have choosen to spend your holiday.

The powerful engine of our Pedalec will be a reliable companion for beginners of cycling so that they can tackle the climbs of the Apennine enjoying the extraordinary feeling of freedom that cycling can offer.

Parco Bike focuses on total sustainability in the environmental point of view and for this reason the charge of the Pedalec is secured by appropriate shelters equipped with photovoltaic panels. The shelters cover the territory of the National Park of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines and have been stationed in the main towns and mountain villages along the 1300km of cycle routes.